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Vets and equine therapists treat the symptoms very well.
With patience, sensitivity and understanding, I work with a horse's energy to help them recover and
rebalance by uncovering, acknowledging and healing the underlying imbalance that is the root cause of their health or behavioural issues.


Francesca Hennessy

I've been helping people through healing for the last 25 years but I have always had a true affinity with horses and a great desire to help them to overcome the issues that affect their emotional and physical health. 


Old or new injuries, acute or chronic pain and physical dis-ease can all be helped with energy healing. Healing works on the underlying cause of the issue which manifests as a symptom or imbalance in the body. Injuries and inflammation result in blockages in the affected part of the body and energy work helps to clear the area and enable the horse to heal more quickly. 


Horses communicate with very subtle body language signals. If their attempts to let you know what is wrong have failed, behavioural issues will escalate. Healing helps to alleviate the reasons behind underperformance and behaviours such as biting, napping, air sucking, weaving, crib biting, bucking and bolting or problems when  riding or tacking-up.

Healing for behaviour issues

Horses are often unable to release shock and if trauma is left in their energy system, it can lead to physical and behavioural issues. Grief, accidents, veterinary procedures, change of ownership or location can all lead to traumatic feelings for a horse; healing allows the damage to the emotions to be released and the impact on the physical body to be eased. 

Healing traumatised horses
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