Francesca Hennessy

"It's my vocation to help as many horses as possible to find peace and ease in their lives"
Healing George
Sound acupuncture on horses
Healing at Moorcroft
Giving end of life healing
Healing George
Healing at Moorcroft
Healing Hattie
Teaching equine energy healing

I've been helping people through healing for the last 25 years but I have always had a true affinity with animals, especially horses and it's my vocation to help them to overcome the issues that affect their emotional and physical health. I come from a totally non-horsey background but was always mad about them as a child, costing my parents a small fortune in riding lessons. This passion for horses has continued all my life and now, as I approach my 50s, I find that being with them and near them is my true happy place.   

I’ve always had an extremely empathic and sensitive nature and have felt drawn to help people and animals in need from a very early age. I first learned Reiki over 20 years ago, which kick-started a life-long quest to find the best healing practices in order to be of service to others. I’ve since trained in crystal healing with the Vibrational Healing Foundation in London, followed by diploma courses with the Bi-Aura Foundation in Ireland, the Healing Animals Organisation in Sussex, the Tama-Do Academy (sound and colour) in England and the Ayni School of Andean Shamanism in Wexford. I've spent the last 18 months studying with Elizabeth Whiter (author of The Animal Healer and You Can Heal Your Pet) graduating in 2018 with a Diploma in Equine Healing and Communication. I have also been lucky enough to attend a day's seminar with world-renowned horse healer, Margrit Coates.

I run a human energy clinic in Greystones and Sandymount, and I also volunteer on the Equine Assisted Learning programme at Festina Lente therapeutic riding centre. I've recently started to teach animal healing on a one-to-one basis and hope to do more teaching in the future. And when I'm not doing all of that, I am a mum to two children. Some time in the future I'd love to learn more about herbs and essential oils for horses – so watch this space!


Every qualification I have received has added a new dimension or tool that I can apply to help my equine clients to heal and recuperate as easily and as fully as possible.


2019- ongoing Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator Training

Festina Lente

2019 Celtic Shamanism

Celtic School of Shamanic Studies

2017 – Diploma in Equine Healing

Elizabeth Whiter, Healing Animals Organisation, Sussex, UK

2016 – Diploma in Animal Healing

Elizabeth Whiter, Healing Animals Organisation, Sussex, UK

 2015/16 – Tama-Do certificates in Musical Spine, 8 Qi Mo and Colour

Tama-Do Academy, Market Harborough, UK

(Tuning forks and colour on chakras and acupuncture points/meridians)

2005 – Diploma in Crystal and Energy Healing

Vibrational Healing Foundation, London, UK

2001 – Usui Reiki 1 and 2

Nicole Curtis, London, UK