What is equine energy healing?

Healing is a gentle but powerful holistic therapy suitable for any type or age of horse. Energy is channelled throughout the equine's chakra system to release areas of imbalance, supporting the parasympathetic nervous system to facilitate the natural self-healing process.


Healing acts on the root cause of an issue – whether this is stress, pain, learned behaviour, external stimuli, emotions or trauma – and therefore alleviates the  cause as well as the symptoms and behaviour being expressed. Each chakra governs a different quality and area of the physical and emotional body; when everything is idyllic, each chakra should be balanced and acting in harmony with each other. However, in reality, life is not like that; experiences create imbalances that interrupt the free-flow of energy causing physical, emotional and spiritual issues to occur.


Healing compliments conventional veterinary and physical therapy and allows your horse to release or come to terms with whatever is causing them discomfort.