First healing:
Includes full case history and healing/
communication and report

Expect me to be with you for two hours. I take a full case history to fully understand and be able to pinpoint what the issue might be. I complete a full energy healing and include communication on the issue from your horse/pony/donkey where possible. Includes an emailed report, travel within a 25km radius of Greystones and healing for the guardian (if desired).

Follow-up: Includes energy healing, tuning fork techniques and 

Expect me to be with you for one to 1.5 hours. I will review progress since my last visit, conduct a full energy healing and include tuning fork /colour techniques where appropriate. A guardian healing
can be included if desired. Includes travel within a 25km radius of Greystones. Two to three healings are usually sufficient to tackle most problems.  

Distance healing: Includes full healing/communication and report 

I am able to make contact to your horse from a distance, tune in and send healing and receive communication. To do this, I need a photograph, the horse's name, location and some background history. I then use a plain body outline to send the healing. This form of healing is very effective and works well for horses a great distance away or abroad. 

Rescue Centres

I fully support the dedication and amazing work completed by our many wonderful rescue centres and my passion is for helping horses who have suffered any form of abuse.


If you are a rescue centre or a charity and would be interested in me visiting and healing your rescue ponies, please do get in touch. I'm always willing to help.

I also offer reduced-price visits for anyone who has a horse in need but is struggling on a low income.