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Energy healing works with the equine's chakra system, identifying and clearing imbalances in energy. Horses have a similar energy system to our own and are super-sensitive beings, reacting very quickly to healing. As soon as the energy begins to flow, they will exhibit signs of release (chewing and licking, head shaking etc), their eyes soften and sometimes they will even indicate where they would like me to place my hands.  

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During the healing, your equine is usually in a very open and relaxed state and I am able to start having a 'conversation' with them about what they need, what is affecting them and what changes they would appreciate in their life. This comes through a series of subtle images and impressions that I receive from their energy. It is something I have come to implicitly trust over the years and just being able to voice a very strong emotion or a feeling of injustice for your equine can sometimes be pivotal to their healing in itself. All information is relayed with sensitivity and kindness and with the highest intention to help make the horse's life better. 


As well as energy healing, I work with crystals and Tama-Do colour and sound acupuncture techniques which, when combined, have a very profound effect. I have adapted these for use on horses and they particularly benefit from a technique called Musical Spine, which uses a series of tuning forks along the bladder meridian that runs along the spine. Each fork carries a different vibration and the sound waves carry down the acupuncture points to break up areas of chronic muscle tension and to relieve stress and trauma which directly alleviates back issues. The horses love this procedure and it's a joy to see their bottom lips quivering while I am working.


My hands have become super-sensitive to energy blocks and areas of pain; legally, I am unable to make a diagnosis but I am able to let you know where I can feel issues in the physical body of your horse. Quite often, guardians have a 'hunch' which has been dismissed by conventional treatment and I am able to explore your concerns and report back on what I feel in the horse's energy, what I intuit from their communication and the knowledge I have acquired. Quite often, practical advice regarding tack, environment, diet and supplements, fears or dislikes will come to light during the healing sessions. If I don't know the answer to something that crops up, I will conduct vigorous research to find a solution and I am always just a phone call away if you need any further help.


If I cannot physically get to you and your horse I can still connect with him/her through distance healing. You provide a photograph, a name, a brief medical history and I tune in and connect from home. The healing and communication flows as if I was actually standing next to your equine and I am able to conduct a full scan and send healing wherever it is needed. I then report back – by phone or email – what I found and any information that was provided to me by your horse. This service can be very useful for anyone that lives a great distance away, is in another country or has a horse in treatment at a veterinary hospital.